Solar Thermal

Mederi offers PACE financing for Solar Thermal systems.

We work with professional local installers to bring you the best system for your home or business.

Hot water heating can be up to 30% of monthly energy costs.

A solar thermal system costs around $5,000 after installation.

There is a 30% tax incentive available on the Federal level.  The state then pays 60% as a rebate.  The end result is a 40% of 70% payment left for the client.

In the case of a $5,000 system, here is the math:

*Client purchases and installs $5,000 solar thermal system

*Federal tax incentive of 30% ($1,500) is deducted from next year’s taxes

*CA State then pays 60% of the remainder ($2,100) in the form of a rebate check directly to the consumer

*Net payment from consumer is $1,400!

The system pays for itself in around 2 years and then provides decades of amazing savings!  This is over 1,000% more affordable than paying for gas or electricity to heat your water over time!

Contact Mederi today to learn more about how solar thermal can help you lower energy bills and to learn about $0 down PACE financing for solar thermal in Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside and Marina.