All services are Whole Systems Based Ecological Designs for your home, office, or community.


Aquaponics Systems:

*Fish Tanks

*Grow Beds


*Plant Care, Seed Starting, Harvest & Maintenance


Compost Systems:


*Black Soldier Flies

*Reuse Organic Matter on Site

*Applied Biodynamic Preparations


Greywater Systems:

*Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Gardens

*Bath Sink & Shower to Landscape Greywater Gardens

*Roof Run-Off to Landscape Rain Gardens

*Kitchen Sink and Toilet are considered “Blackwater” and not legal for reuse on site

*$1.00/sq.ft. rebate available for irrigated lawn removal in Monterey County!


Edible Forest Gardens:

*Permaculture Design



*Irrigated lawn removal ($1/sq.ft. rebate in Monterey County)


Solar Systems:


*Passive Solar

*Solar Thermal


Check-Damn Watershed Restoration Systems:




*Goat Herders and native grass restoration