Community Solar Co-Operative

Solar energy is expected to be the global leading source of power in the coming decades and for years to come.  There are new silicone recycling programs coming online making the life-cycle of solar even more green.  As a noiseless, emissionless and renewable source of energy, solar is also one of the fastest growing job markets in the USA and abroad.

As a key industry in what is expected to make up a “Green New Deal” (if governing agencies and individuals ever take our current environmental crisis earnestly), solar jobs include: installation, sales, production, shipping, management, office work, permitting and more.

When performed in a capitalistic paradigm, the solar installation tends to repeat the same economic pattern that has produced The Great Recession to begin with, namely, the lion-share of profits are funneled to a small minority.  However, and here is the beauty of 1/2 revolutions, when performed in a Co-Operative setting, solar energy represents a cure for not only green infrastructure, but also for workplace democracy and economic fairness.

As a sustainable and appropriate technologies oriented Co-Operative platform, Mederi is invested in providing high-quality, clean solar energy for clients.

Currently seeking clients and employees for Solar Installations.  As a start-up no employee can be paid until a client is secured.grid_enphase_teamwork

Illustration of Co-Op Solar Install:

*Contractor with CA B-1 general and/or c-46 Solar license and insurance

*Electrician with C10 to tie solar to grid

*Experienced install crew with NABCEP or other cert.


*Paperwork and permitting manager

As a Co-Op, decisions that need to be made on what materials to purchase, what percentage to share profits and how to run the crew are made on a 1-member-1-vote basis.