Community Aquaponics Co-Operative

One of the keystone community Co-Operative enterprises that Mederi facilitates is the local community of drought tolerant organic food producers.

We can lower our dependence on imported foods, mandate that local grocery stores carry locally produced food products, and empower ourselves with green local jobs all at the same time with aquaponics.

Aquaponics is an extremely drought tolerant food production technique with high yields that is appropriate for production urban settings.

As a sustainable and appropriate technologies oriented Co-Operative platform, Mederi is invested in providing high-quality, clean solar energy for clients.

Currently seeking clients and employees for Solar Installations.  As a start-up no employee can be paid until a client is secured.lettuce_raft

Illustration of Co-Op Aquaponics Install:

*Contractor with CA B-1 general and/or c-27 Landscaping contractor license and insurance

*Experienced install crew


*Paperwork and permitting manager

As a Co-Op, decisions that need to be made on what materials to purchase, what percentage to share profits and how to run the crew are made on a 1-member-1-vote basis.

Call us to transform your backyard into a profitable enterprise with aquaponics!

When we build a community of practitioners along with a community of local grocers and restaurants that offer our produce, then we will become a model for other communities to follow!