Pepino Dulce

Mederi is a licensed CA nursery and sells plants privately at a Pacific Grove residence by appointment or at the Alvarado St. Old Town Monterey Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons.

Pepino Dulce (Solanum muricatum) is a favorite of ours and they are thriving at the nursery! 

We offer small, medium and large sized Pepino Dulce plants for sale:

Small  P. dulce …  $10

1 gallon P. dulce   …  $20

5 gallon P. dulce   … $50

This plant is delicious!  The fruits taste like a mix between honeydew and cucumber, thus the name “Pepino dulce” translated means, “sweet cucumber”

Although these plants are native to Northern South America, and sometimes referred to as a ‘South American Tree Melon,” they grow amazingly well in the foggy coastal microclimates of coastal California.

S. muricatum is an edible evergreen shrub that thrives in a diverse range of climates and soils, making it a great selection for a permaculture garden.

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