California Agriculture

*California ranks 16th for the size of its agricultural sector.

*In 2014, the agricultural sector contributed $37.66 billion to the Golden State’s economy, or two percent of overall state GDP (placing it first among all U.S. states for the size of its farm economy).

*Approximately 29 percent of California’s annual revenue from farming is from livestock products (classified as cattle, poultry, sheep and pigs).

*The other 71 percent comes from crops. California is the source of most of the fruits and vegetables grown in the United States, including all of its commercial walnut, almond and pistachio harvests.

*The state also accounts for some 90 percent of the grapes grown in the United States.

*According to official Census Bureau stats, there were 77,857 farms recorded in the state, covering a total of 25.6 million acres (or the equivalent of 24 percent of the overall state land area).


As an Ecological Co-Operative, one of our objectives is to transition these farms from traditional industrial based agriculture, to organic perennial edible forest gardens.