Greywater F.A.Q.

Mederi Greywater Facts & FAQs

Q:  Is Greywater safe?

A:  Yes!  Greywater must be discharged a minimum of 2″ underneath the soil, therefore, you never touch it and it only serves to feed the plants.  The following is a quote from Oasis Design’s web page, “Health risk is extremely low. There are over eight million greywater systems in the US, and in the 60 years that the Center for Disease control has been keeping records, There has not been one documented case of greywater transmitted illness in the US (references).

Q:  Can Greywater save me money?

A:  Yes!  When we use greywater in our garden we save money because we pay only once for water to both clean our clothes and water our plants.  Without this laundry-to-landscape integration, we pay once for water to clean clothes, twice for water at the public treatment plant, and finally a third time for the plants.  Use greywater to save money!


Q:  Can Greywater help us in times of drought and support regional water security?

A:  Yes!  When we discharge water into gardens we recharge aquifers, so that we may ensure resilient regional water security.


Q:  Is laundry soap safe for plants?

A:  Most laundry soaps are not appropriate for watering plants.  Many contain chemicals and sodium based ingredients that would be harmful to plants.  With a laundry-to-landscape system, we have to be sure to use the right soaps that are beneficial for plant growth.  The 3-way valve allows us to do a bleach and/or stain removing wash cycle whenever we like by putting this toxic water discharge to the water treatment plant rather than the garden.

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