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medērī (latin) : to measure, meditate & cure

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Vote YES on Measure Z in Monterey County to Ban Fracking! We now have the technology to make electricity from the sun, therefore, we need to invest in solar energy rather than deplete our local ecology even more by getting the most energy intensive and polluting oil out of our…

Mandate Grocers to Carry Local Food

In this article from the Transition Network entitled "The EU wants to Block Romania's 51% Local Food Shift," we see how Romania has passed a law to mandate that all large grocery stores carry 51% locally sourced food products.  Here is a short video to describe what is happening in this…

Evergreen Cooperatives in Ohio a Success

[embed]https://youtu.be/Gt_ZHUDhKjs[/embed] Evergreen Cooperatives in the Cleveland, Ohio area have been a success.  In particular, Green City Growers is now one of the largest greenhouses in the country that is Worker/Owner driven. It is clear that many critical issues are addressed when workers have equity in the businesses and we bring…

Co-Operatives Can End Poverty

[embed]https://youtu.be/LFyl0zz2yqs[/embed] Pertinent topics in this video: *How can a system tolerate so much poverty? *Is there an underlying systems problem?  Can we find a systems solution? *Why are worker owned cooperatives so rare with documented benefits to workers and society? *Worker Owned Co-Ops as a systems based solution to poverty

Benefits of Worker Owned Cooperatives

Worker-Owned Cooperatives are a cure for the vast negative effects laid upon us by hierarchical workplaces. The US Federation of Worker Co-Ops writes about the benefits of these business structures, which range from societal to individual: "The member benefits are multiple. A cooperative can be a way for people to…